Statutory background of the company:- According to the Commercial Code of Ethiopia, this company had been registered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Venus International is a domestic investor company and has all the legal licence to operate Import, Export and commission agency and enjoys the privilage like any other Ethiopian company. Presently, the company is a founder member of Empretec Society of Ethiopia, a member of Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Management and Organization:- Mr. Thomas Chacko is the Managing Director and owner of his company who is responsible for the strategic planning and execution.He controls and guides the day to day routine activities of the company. Venus International has employed 40 locals and 8 foreign nationals as support staff for performing the routine job in Import office, School & Travel office. The founder of the company Mr. Thomas chacko is a Indian nationality who has been living here for the last 30 years and associated with different charity organization like rotary, active member and treasurer of India Business forum member of Addis Ababa Golf Club and British Golf club.